Nice to meet you


A little bit about me.


I’m Luke, a young(ish) creative based out of Leppington NSW.

I sort of fell into photography while I was studying marketing at university and looking for something else to do with my life. So I dropped out of uni and studied the only creative thing I was kind of good at… photography! Shot a few weddings with my lecturer, started working at an editing lab servicing professional wedding photographers and I slowly fell more in love with weddings.

Mid 2019 I finally decided to take the plunge full time into wedding photography and finally quit my day job. ( a content producer at a marketing company… weird right?) And here I am now! Excited as hell to be doing what I love for a living.

If you caught me outside of a wedding, I would either be binge watching The Office, playing Fortnite (don’t judge me, please.), adventuring new exciting places, watching pointless youtube fail compilations or hanging with my wife. I love emo/punk/metal music, and will be easily caught singing along in my car… if you consider that singing?

I’m super passionate about story telling and how a story can make you feel so many different emotions all within a short period of time. This is, I feel, my purpose when shooting weddings - To tell the story of your relationship in a way that does justice to your love for each other and is a tangible collection of those emotions.


Subtle Creepin’ -The way I work.

I have a very certain way I like to shoot. Naturally I’m quite an awkward guy and I hate attention, so I don’t want to be an overbearing presence at your wedding. You wont catch me standing blocking your mums view while you guys are exchanging rings and you wont catch me creating moments that really aren’t how the day is unfolding.

I love to document things as they happen and how they happen. I want to give you the story of your wedding day, as true to it as possible.